Ambitious renovation on the Californian Coast

It was a rainy day in 2008 when in a quiet place far away from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, the present owner discovered a house wrapped in a yellow warning tape. The building was in a terrible condition, but it was enough to look around to understand that the place where it stands is magical. It was then when an ambitious idea of renovation has originated.


Ambitious renovation on the Californian Coast

A view of paradise
It took a lot of hard work both for the investor and architect to accomplish their goal. As the implementation of this bold vision was quite a challenge, FAKRO roof windows came to the rescue. The unique design of balcony windows opened up the bedroom in the attic to the garden and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. After opening, the FGH-V Galeria balcony window creates a balcony, increasing the area of the attic and allowing the inflow of fresh air into the bedroom and soothing sound of the ocean. Another aspect taken into account by the window designers included its impeccable aesthetics and excellent parameters. 


Eco-friendly project
The renovation process of the building took advantage of recycled boards used to create a wooden terrace on the ground floor as well as a balcony where the sauna was placed. The interior of the building has been adapted for living. An open kitchen in the form of a bar and well-lit spacious dining room filled a large area in the lower part of the building. A bar top is made of an old acacia board. The ceiling above the entrance is finished with recycled wood. The ancient Japanese method of searing wooden boards was applied to finish the wooden facade of the house, ensuring resistance to pests and increasing its durability.


Available to everyone
The building is currently offered for rent. Anyone who spends time in the San Francisco area can use this option and experience the modernised design and coastal location. Tourists who rented this property declare that they will return to this destination again as the spot is certainly worth visiting. It is enough to stand at the open FGH-V Galeria window and admire the beauty of nature.