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FAKRO – 5-Star Building Brand of the Year

FAKRO, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality roof windows and loft ladders, was awarded the Golden Building Brand of the Year 2022 title.


Iværksættere fra Nowy Sącz, Polen, med humanitær hjælp til Ukraine

I dag går tankerne ud til Ukraine – landet hvor mange af vores venner kommer fra. For at reagere på den aktuelle situation organiserede Think About the Future Foundation i samarbejde med lokale iværksættere fra Nowy Sącz i Polen en humanitær transport med fødevarer og hygiejneartikler til Ukraine. Den første konvoj på fire lastbiler med hjælp til Ukraine er allerede nået til Lviv, Uraine. FAKRO stillede gratis køretøjer fra sin flåde til rådighed for at sikre en effektiv tilrettelæggelse af transporten.


FAKRO med på TOP 10

FAKRO er at finde på top 10 listen over de mest berømte polske varemærker i verden.

FAKRO har opereret på udenlandske markeder i årevis og indsatsen er blevet værdsat endnu en gang, idet varemærket FAKRO nu er at finde på TOP 10 ranglisten over polske varemærker, der er anerkendt i forskellige dele af verden. Forfatteren af ranglisten er det polske firma Magazynfirma, som er en portal og et netværk for SMV-sektoren.


View of the Pacific Ocean from four exceptional windows

An old “eccentric” building located on the Californian coast has undergone renovation and turned into an ideal place to relax. The bedroom offers a fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean and all this thanks to four unique roof windows.  

Opening up - the space in your room. Top hung and pivot window FPP-V preSelect MAX

We all value our living space. The more space we have around us the more comfortable the living conditions are. The new, innovative FPP-V preSelect MAX roof window provides for greater space within the room by offering an unique outward opening function that allows easy operation and unrestricted views of the outside.



FAKRO awning blinds for vertical windows - to enjoy the summer

We long for the summer and hot days every winter, but when they finally come, we quickly get tired of them. Everyone who spends time in closed spaces such as house or office can feel bothered with the scorching sunshine. 


Larger Windows - More Opportunities

We spend increasingly more time indoors with limited access to natural light. That is the reason why large glazings have become popular recently, providing an abundance of natural light and unrestricted view to the outside which is now within easy reach.



Effective protection from overheating inside

Once a cold winter and a pleasant spring are over, the long-awaited summer is coming. Beautiful holiday time is the season when we enjoy sunny days catching the sunlight on the beach, in the mountains or in our own garden. After a long day of  such summer attractions we are looking for relaxation in our homes. Rooms with excessive heat gain are not conducive to effective rest. Window accessories are here to help.



FAKRO roof windows in non-standard roof coverings

Healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle has become fashionable in newly designed residential buildings. Roof coverings made of natural materials are back in style. People are no longer surprised by modern buildings covered with wooden shingle, slate or thatch. Is it possible to provide the optimal illumination of the room in the attic without harm to the architectural qualities of all these coverings?


Bedroom - Interiors in the attic

Modern construction promotes a clear division of the residential building into a day and night zone. While the day zone, usually located on the ground floor, is available to all residents and guests, the night zone allows to cut off from the rest of the house. The ideal place to arrange such an area is the attic which thanks to the application of suitable solutions will let you enjoy effective relaxation under the sky.


Energy-efficiency or extreme energy-efficiency?

Wonderful, comfortable and functional home that does not require additional heating? The building whose energy is obtained from renewable sources and its residents? The utopian vision and science fiction or real investment? Contemporary buildings constructed of high quality building materials and equipped with a number of innovative solutions can be like a machine consisting of well-matched components whose main purpose is to meet the stringent requirements of energy-efficient and passive construction.


Children's room - Interiors in the attic

Nowadays, rooms located in the attic are standard and we appreciate them for their varied shapes and potential. Many people find this advantage resulting from the roof structure as a problem during interior design. However, it is enough to smartly arrange rooms and ensure ingress of natural light to create a fully functional space under the sky.


Living room - Interiors in the attic

Diversified roof structures make rooms in the attic feature huge arrangement potential. Benefits arising in connection with this fact can be achieved exclusively through an individual approach to each project. However, the most important element of this puzzle is light. In addition to visual aspect, it has a tremendous impact on the mood in the building.


FAKRO roof windows in hotels all over the world

It is widely known that an abundance of natural light in the room has vital and beneficial impact on mood of its residents. This is of great importance not only in houses or flats, but also in hotels. The correct arrangement of windows and ample natural light make guests coming back from holiday satisfied and completely relaxed. In order to ensure daylight in every room it is sometimes required to take advantage of special solutions. You will find below hotels from different countries where thanks to the installation of FAKRO roof windows dark rooms have turned into magnificent apartments under the sky.


Kitchen - Interiors in the attic

Dark and forgotten attic spaces experience a revival. Wide range of FAKRO roof windows provides an abundance of natural light. This light is the main interior designer, creating the space and contributing to arranging a cosy room on a small area under the roof.


Bathroom - Interiors in the attic

Attic adaptations have dominated the traditional construction market, becoming a trend in the interior design. Creating a cosy corner under the roof requires the influx of natural light, which in many cases is only possible by applying roof windows. FAKRO also offers products intended for installation in rooms with elevated humidity levels such as bathrooms and kitchens. Appropriate planning in the roof opens up new functional and arrangement possibilities.