Architects can capture light with FAKRO windows

The new headquarters of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting of Wallonia has been designed in the historic centre of Brussels. The transformation of the existing building allowed us to apply modern and highly aesthetic solutions.


In the central part of the building, where the ceiling is on different levels, there was a room under a flat roof without access to daylight. This involved the need to come up with an extraordinary solution that would effectively provide natural light into the interior. Filling the roof in this part of the building with FAKRO flat roof windows turned out to be an excellent idea proposed by an architect. The practical advantages of this solution include not only ensuring the right amount of daylight, but also the possibility of providing fresh air in a convenient way. One of the installed roof windows is electric, therefore it can be remotely operated. The functional qualities of these windows also incorporate high thermal insulation with an excellent value of 0.7 W/m2K and equally impressive soundproof performance to secure a calming silence.


Architects can capture light with FAKRO windows

...and attractively
FAKRO windows fitted in the roof are not only a practical solution, but also highly aesthetic one. Natural light entering the interior through roof windows makes us feel spending time under the open sky and introduces into the room an atmosphere of having contact with the outside world. Moreover, daylight fills people staying inside with optimism and willingness to act. One can also be impressed when looking from the outside at the roof fitted with the D_F windows. Simple, minimalist design without unnecessary additions makes these windows add charm and style to the whole project. There is no need to say anything more. It is enough to look from the upper level at the roof full of FAKRO windows and make an opinion yourself.


To meet expectations
By creating its products, FAKRO reacts to market needs both in technical and artistic terms. The D_F windows meet these expectations thanks to the complexity of their advantages. The architect Anne Ledroit who designed this building has confirmed the above saying: „We chose FAKRO primarily for its aesthetics and very good energy-efficiency. When compared to other flat roof windows available on the market, they feature more compact and modern form that we found fascinating. As we already mentioned, excellent thermal insulation performance is also very important aspect attracting our attention.”