New family Passive House - Belgium

A family passive house situated in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium, features a compact design characteristic for this type of the construction. Thanks to applying finish in a dark colour and detaching metal structure from the skin it prevents heat loss acting as a catalyst of heat.

Thermal insulation function is ensured by multi-layer panels commonly used in industrial buildings. Indoor climate and ventilation are under full control, while in addition to energy accumulated in materials (which is gradually released at night) there is no other source of heat. Despite its modern form, the building gently blends into the landscape.

Following standards of passive construction, the North facade is closed in contrastto the South and West glazed facades. Aim of the glazing is to protect the building against excessive heat gain and intense sunlight. The underground garage is located directly under the building. This solution, which is unusual for singly-family construction saves space on the plot. In accordance with prevailing trends, the interior is dominated by minimalism and white colour, while rooms are high, bright and spacious.

FAKRO windows: FTT U6

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