Eclectic stylisation on the Californian Coast

An interesting shape and wonderful location on the coast stood behind a great potential of the old house in Bolinas, California. This house, however, was in a terrible condition, while the garden around it fell into neglect. The investor whose plan was to renovate this place wanted to create a space to relax using natural materials. He installed FAKRO roof windows on the top floor that allowed to rediscover a breathtaking view of the ocean.


Eclectic stylisation on the Californian Coast


Creativity & Savings
The owners themselves have chosen materials for finishing the house, and their aim was to use the largest possible quantity of materials from the original building and those obtained from recycling. This is the reason for specific, heterogeneous decking of the internal walls and the acacia table top in the centrally placed kitchen part that deserves special attention. An architect Alethea Patton helped to adapt the open space to the needs of the family. Next to the kitchen there is a spacious dining room and an equally large communication area with a patchwork ceiling that is also made of recycled wood. Since the building is high it offers a vast and magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean when standing on the top floor. A balcony was added on the second floor with barrel sauna placed on it. The facade was made using seared cedar wood to increase its durability and protection against pests.


New possibilities
All new materials used in the building have been selected with energy-efficiency and durability factors in mind. The FGH-V Galeria balcony windows by FAKRO situated on the west side of the house have become its important element. Their innovative design allows the closed room of the bedroom to be converted into a balcony and open the space to the ocean. After opening the windows, house dwellers gain additional space in the attic and the opportunity to breathe the ocean air and enjoy incredible views.


Perfect match
“When we were surfing the Internet and came across FAKRO balcony windows they looked to good to be true. Our impression was that those windows were created just for this house. They had to be brought from Poland and transported across the United States all the way to the West Coast. When they finally arrived, we knew it was worth waiting for! Their quality is amazing and you can see they will serve for many years to come,” commented by the building owner. The Galeria balcony window is not only a functional solution, but also highly aesthetic one. When closing the window, balustrades are hidden inside the roof, hence they do not spoil its aesthetics and get protection from damage and dirt accumulation. 

Currently, the building available for rent is very popular. Tourists who spend their time in the San Francisco area are very happy to recommend staying there, praising the amazing view of the ocean.

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