New Vison of the loft 1

New Vison of the loft 1

In the middle of the April of the current year, third edition of organized by FAKRO in cooperation with European Architectural Magazine A10 the international competition for the architects entitled New Vision of the Loft has been finished.

New Vision of the Loft A10

Design your innovative, creative and artistic vision of the loft using any of FAKRO products, including, obligatory, a minimum of two FDY-V U3 Duet proSky roof windows and one FGH-V P2 Gallery roof windows.

Deadline for sending in projects
03.11.2011 - 20.03.2012


FGH-V P2 Gallery
FDY-V U3 Duet proSky

FAKRO company managed to gather around the concept of the competition architects from around the world. Participants of the contest run their own companies, architectural agencies, cooperate with large agencies, teach at colleges and universities. They are visionaries, town planners, designers of interior decoration and also artists – architects from all over the world realize their vision together with FAKRO Company and prove that our products perfectly compose with each formula of the architectural concept. Let us remind that the first editions of the competition under the motto FAKRO International Design Competition were co-organized by a Dutch Fontys Academy and directed mainly to urbanism.




Krzysztof Stępień   Agnieszka Wyrwas   Bartosz Puchalski

 Spain   Luis Amoros Fernandez   Miguel Orellana

 Ireland   Liliana Krzycka   Rafał Pieszko
  I place: Poland
  Krzysztof Stępień
  Agnieszka Wyrwas
  Bartosz Puchalski
  II place: Spain
  Luis Amoros Fernandez
  Miguel Orellana
III place: Ireland
  Liliana Krzycka
  Rafał Pieszko

The main prize in the first editions was participation in workshops for architects - Stadslab European Design Laboratory, which originator is cooperating with FAKRO – Marc Glaudemans, architect and lecturer in Fontys Academy of Architecture and Urbanism in Tillburg (Netherlands). During the first editions, the competition projects were also evaluated in cooperation with Didier Rebois – architect and architecture critic, the Secretary General of Europan Europe in Paris and Pieter Oosterhout – architect, director of the architectural agency Pieter Oosterhout Architects from Beuningen in Netherlands.

Jury New Vision of the Loft Jury New Vision of the Loft


ConferenceConference was held at the conference centre in Muszyna (Southern Poland) between 12-15 October. It was an occasion to meet organizers of the competition – FAKRO Company and A10 Magazine. Participants had the possibility to visit FAKRO Company, get familiar with a wide range of products by observing their production process, and also during the presentation and lecture.

Additionally, during a discussion panel they could present their projects and realizations (not only those taking part in the contest) to a wide committee consisting of sector representatives, international architectural associations, and representatives of the international magazines for architects.


Projects were discussed on all levels, even on philosophical and social ones. Conference organized by FAKRO is not only a discussion panel and presentation of FAKRO Company, but also possibility for the people from abroad to learn about the country of organizers.

Architects from many countries could taste regional dishes, listen to the folk music, see the architecture of Southern Poland by visiting both regional tourist spots and famous throughout the world the Salt Mine in Wieliczka and one of the most beautiful and old Polish cities, academic centre - Cracow. Architects staying in the conference and training centre of the Activa Hotel in Muszyna could profit from many leisure activities– quads, archery range, bowling, billiard and sauna.

Additional attractions constituted perfect supplement for the talks about architecture, including the use of FAKRO products.


Their usage with the aim of the room better illumination, optimisation of ventilation and energy-efficiency concerning ecology and safety gained recognition among architects. FAKRO Company once again proved that with full responsibility is able to compete with the largest companies and additionally is an alternative for those who seek new and innovative solutions in their projects.


The meeting turned out to be very successful both for the organizers (FAKRO, A10) and participants thus becoming the cornerstone for the new meetings. The conference has raised many questions and topics, which will surely be discussed in the next year's meetings.